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Would I lie to you?

I have a small confession to make.

The idea was to blog absolutely everything in my quest to become a professional poker player. However, as I pointed out in my opening post (From Average Joe to Poker Pro (?)), I work a 7 day week and I couldn’t find a time to get the blog up and running.

Things kicked off in the final week of April, when I registered with Paddy Power Poker. This was not a tactical decision: I already have a betting account with Paddy Power so this was the route with the least resistance.

3 weeks later I have turned my original investment of £20 into £60.

If I am to make a living out of poker then I need to treat it as a business. Therefore tripling my initial investment has to be a good thing, right? Perhaps.

The problem is it has taken me almost three weeks, so if I was doing this for a living that translates to a pretty poor standard of living! However, I have been playing here and there and not full time, which is what I would intend to do if I could give up work.

I say “full time” because I currently work around 60 hours per week, but that’s closer to 85-90 hours when you consider my commute. I would love to work a typical Monday-Friday 9-5 and would happily dedicate that amount of time to playing poker.

I am tempted to do some calculations as to how that 3 fold increase could be extrapolated if I were to treat poker as my profession but there are some real issues with sample bias. To date, I simply haven’t played enough hands to make those calculations worthwhile.

In any case, I am up – which is certainly better than being down!