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The Power of Position (Full Tilt Poker Academy)

“When beginners describe a hand they have played, they usually start by saying what their hole cards were and then move on to discuss the betting. An expert, however, would never describe the dynamics of any hand without first talking about his position. That is because in games like Hold’em and Omaha, position is sometimes as important, if not more important, than the cards you hold” – Bill Edler in The Power of Position.

The Power of Position was the first lesson in the Full Tilt: Poker Academy, which has now found it’s way onto YouTube. Bill Edler claims to value the power of position more than any other poker player that he knows.

This excellent tutorial starts off with a definition of “position” and it’s power,  before considering the importance of position in pre-flop and post-flop situations, with reference to specific examples.

In Poker, “position” is a relative term and describes where you act in each hand, not where you are physically sat at any given table. Through the magic of internet plagiarism, I am able to share with you the very diagram used in Bill’s lesson:

Bill Edler - Power of Position - Full Tilt Poker Academy Lesson 1
Bill Edler – Power of Position – Full Tilt Poker Academy Lesson 1

In the video, Bill differentiates between early position (under the gun and the following two players), middle position and late position (with the cut-off and the button being highlighted above).

Bill goes on to explain that he will dump the majority of his hands when under the gun, even seemingly big hands like Ace-Queen, but expands his starting range to play upwards of 50% of what he is dealt in the button. His rationale for this is simple: profitability. Hands like Ace-Queen in early position will often win only a small pot, but could end up losing a big pot (for example, when dominated by Ace-King or when up against Aces or Kings).

If you’re new to Poker I would highly recommend this video:

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