Playing Poker for a living is tough

When I started Smarter Poker – From Average Joe to Poker Pro (?) I made my intentions fairly clear: I am not happy with how much money I am making and I need to make more. I have always done pretty well when playing Poker on-line (for fun) and thought now is the time to take it seriously enough to make a living.

I am now two months further down the line and I feel like an update is in order. So, just how much money have I made playing Poker on-line?

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Credit where credit is due (@PartyPoker)

I work 7 days a week, almost 365 days per year. On top of that, I have an hour’s commute every morning and night. By my calculations, that gives me some 14 hours per week to brush up on my Poker.

On the way to work I tend to read (& re-read!) Poker tutorials, from the likes of Phil Gordon, Doyle Brunson and, more recently, Lee Jones (I know what you are thinking – “who?” – more on this later**), whilst on the way home I try and get my Poker fix.

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So you want to make money playing online?

When I put pen to paper finger to keyboard and started writing Smarter Poker: From Average Joe to Poker Pro (?), I did so for my own benefit.

Yes, I could just keep a diary (or a modern equivalent  such as Evernote) but then, in the unlikely event that I make it as a professional Poker player, this blog will make quite entertaining reading. It will allow the reader to see the Poker articles, books and videos that I digested on my journey, along with an account of my bankroll, from the initial deposit to wherever it may end up (hopefully above zero).

If or when that does happen, I expect readers. But now? Not so much. So, why then, have I had a spike in traffic?

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Bad beats or bad players?

After watching Phil Gordon’s Inquisitive Poker seminar I was able to diagnose myself with a case of suititus/suititis (it’s a made up word so I have absolutely no idea how to spell it) and made some instant changes to my game.

With the exception of suited connectors, I placed more value on the rank as opposed to the suit of cards and promptly won a small tournament.

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