Playing Poker for a living is tough

When I started Smarter Poker – From Average Joe to Poker Pro (?) I made my intentions fairly clear: I am not happy with how much money I am making and I need to make more. I have always done pretty well when playing Poker on-line (for fun) and thought now is the time to take it seriously enough to make a living.

I am now two months further down the line and I feel like an update is in order. So, just how much money have I made playing Poker on-line?

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Barking up the wrong tree?

“Personally, I’ve always preferred tournaments. I’ve rarely felt comfortable playing cash games, and my advantage has always seemed to be better in the increasingly confined space defined by player eliminations and rising blinds. But after walking through some of these numbers …. I’m rethinking my personal poker strategy. Is it time for you to do the same?”

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