Make Money by Playing Smarter Poker

So you want to make money playing online?

When I put pen to paper finger to keyboard and started writing Smarter Poker: From Average Joe to Poker Pro (?), I did so for my own benefit.

Yes, I could just keep a diary (or a modern equivalent  such as Evernote) but then, in the unlikely event that I make it as a professional Poker player, this blog will make quite entertaining reading. It will allow the reader to see the Poker articles, books and videos that I digested on my journey, along with an account of my bankroll, from the initial deposit to wherever it may end up (hopefully above zero).

If or when that does happen, I expect readers. But now? Not so much. So, why then, have I had a spike in traffic?

I assumed this traffic had come via my Twitter account, perhaps as a result of a re-tweet from one of the many poker pros that I have tweeted. Not so.

It turns out my traffic is coming from people Googling “Smarter Poker” which, to some, may seem logical given my chosen  domain name. If you run this Google Search you will see that pops up in 7th place.

People searching the term Smarter Poker are actively looking for advice on how to improve their play and yet they risk ending up here: reading the musings of a guy who is yet to advance past a £20 sit-and-go or £0.50/£1.00 NL Texas Hold’em cash table.

To those people: I apologise. I am of no use. Yet.