Poker is not plain sailing

Playing Poker for a living is tough

When I started Smarter Poker – From Average Joe to Poker Pro (?) I made my intentions fairly clear: I am not happy with how much money I am making and I need to make more. I have always done pretty well when playing Poker on-line (for fun) and thought now is the time to take it seriously enough to make a living.

I am now two months further down the line and I feel like an update is in order. So, just how much money have I made playing Poker on-line?

F*ck all. Yep. Absolutely f*ck all.

I started out on Paddy Power and deposited a total of £80. My balance saw some huge fluctuations, due to wins in sit-and-go tournaments followed by some on-tilt cash game action, but now sits at $0.36, which is around £0.26. I also have a £1 ticket to the Road to £100k, which I have just realised expires on the 31st of this month. This is the result of a final-table finish in a Sunday freeroll with some 3,000+ entrants, where I only just missed out on the £75 prize (in the form of an entry to the £100,000 Big Sunday tournament).

Due to the fact I couldn’t use Paddy Power Poker on my iPhone, I moved over to Poker Stars, depositing £10 to get me going. I have been playing Spin & Go matches almost none stop, and managed to grind my way to a little over £50. Progress was slow but steady.

In the past two days, however, I have managed to blow the majority of my bankroll, with my balance now sitting at $15.48 or £9.92.

I think I have lost twenty, if not more, heads up situations where I have called an all-in bet whilst ahead and gone on to lose. Some of these are expected, for instance I have lost 8-8 to A-10 and A-10 to 8-8 (not bitter, honest). I’ve also lost some better-than-coin flip scenarios, such as AA to 2-2, 7-7 and 8-8 (the 8-8 hit a flush…!!) but it doesn’t end there. I’ve hit a set of Queens on the flop, called an all-in (what the hell was he doing) and got taken down by a runner-runner-set (is that even a term) of Aces, which was nothing more than a high card when my opponent shoved all in.

As it stands then, my balance is £0.26 Paddy Power cash £1 Paddy Power token + £9.92 Poker Stars cash; a total of £11.18. Given total deposits of £90 I am down to the tune of £78.82. Hardly big amounts, given I have played pretty much 60 days straight, but down is down.