Smarter Poker - blowing the bankroll

One step forward, two steps back

Cash games are my nemesis.

In my last post I mentioned I had roughly tripled my initial £20 stake. Not long after posting I had increased it five fold and, at the time when I really should have gone to sleep, my balance on Paddy Power Poker stood at a little over £100.

Truth be told, my initial stake was actually £10. Playing a series of no limit Texas Hold’em sit and go tournaments I took this up to around £50.

Then, like an idiot, I jumped into a cash game. I got impatient. I got greedy.

I lost sight of the fact tournament play was working for me and, whilst progress was slow, a little bit of grinding could have seen my balance edge towards £500 or £1000 in the not too distant future.

In a little over 5 minutes (one bad beat later) I was back to square one: £0.

So, I chucked another £10 into the mix and went back to tournament play.

A couple of wins later I took a break and watched part of a poker documentary about online poker players. One guy was playing 20+ tables at a time.

20+ tables at a time!! I thought I’ll have some of that and hopped into two €10 double up games. 6 players, with the top 3 doubling up.

Smarter Poker - playing two Texas Hold em Games At Once

As you can see it went well. €20 became €40 in a little over 20 minutes. However it was pretty frantic keeping tabs on two sets of action (how anyone can do this on 20 tables I do not know) so I decided to take another break and look around various menus in Paddy Power Poker.

In doing so I noticed I had a shed load of tokens for free to play tournaments.

Ten or so freerolls later, I can conclude that free to play tournaments are an absolute clusterf*ck. People will go all in pre flop with literally nothing and – with my not so great luck – this is not ideal.

I must have called pre-flop all ins with AA no fewer than 5 times and lost every single one. I would lose to trip 2s, bizarre straight draws and the occasional flush. Despite this I managed one final table but ultimately finished outside any paid places.

Losing faith in the card gods at this point, I went back to pay to play sit and go tournaments and soon found myself looking at a balance of £100.

At this point… I decided to piss it up the wall in a cash table. I called two all-ins whilst holding the best hand but lost both on the river.

To make matters worse, I went on a mini-tilt, deposited an extra £10 and promptly blasted that on some 3 way sit and go games.

Current sit rep is therefore: £30 deposited, £0 balance! This isn’t quite going as planned…