Slow Down and Think (Poker Tips)

Man does not run before mastering the walk

“Keep in mind that a good poker player will, more times than not, utterly destroy low limit games… If you can’t win consistently at these games, don’t be so quick to blame the bad beats – you probably have some more work to do before you move up” – Phil Gordon in Poker: The Real Deal

Phil Gordon: helping poker fish to dodge bullets since… June 2015?

Last week I vented my frustration as I seemed to take a load of bad beats just after a couple of decent wins. I was quick to lay blame at opponents who were sticking around in pots a lot longer than basic poker theory would allow, only to catch a miracle out on the river.

I was just about to move up a few levels in the hunt for better players (this would be counter-intuitive in almost any other game I am sure) to improve my chances of winning, when Phil Gordon hit me with some words of wisdom (above).

A good point, well made. If I can’t beat the bad players, then I really should’t be moving up. If I don’t master the low-limit games then I am trying to run before I can walk.

So, I have decided to stick to small limit tables for now and have spent some time playing Spin & Go on

I have switched from Paddy Power Poker as their iOS support is almost none existent and I wanted to try and get my poker fix whilst on the train to and from work, when I only have my iPhone to hand.

At the time of making the switch I was reading about short handed play and, as mine needed work, thought I would try the Spin & Go games, where you play two other opponents.

I am trying to adjust my game to consistently beat players at the £1 buy-in but, every time I think I’ve got it sussed, I go on a losing streak so it is fair to say I still have a lot to learn.