Poker Symptoms - Flushitus

Is it serious, doc?

Oh my god! Jack Nine Clubs. I just can’t wait to play these suited cards!

Ace Five Diamonds! How could I EVER fold these cards?

If you put it that way, it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Phil Gordon, a professional poker player, author and philanthropist, says an over willingness to play suited cards is common amongst novice players.

Jokingly, Phil refers to this as “suititus” and unfortunately I am affected by this condition.

During his 2011 WSOP Seminar “Inquisitive Poker”, Phil points out thatĀ flopping a flush only happens 0.84% of the time. But what is that in terms the Average Joe can understand?

In the example above, where I have been dealt A5 diamonds, the flop will come diamond – diamond – diamond only 1 out of 120 times. And when it does, what happens?

Calling on his experience, Phil points out that on those rare occasions when you do flop a flush, you rarely get a big payout. This makes sense because most players will easily be scared off by a bet into a board with three of the same suit.

Whilst I know the maths behind this I am prone to over playing suited cards and need to remember that rank is more important than suit!

If you want to watch the full presentation, you can do so here:

The bit about over zealous playing of same suited cards kicks in at around 16 minutes & 30 seconds.