Thank you Party Poker Twitter Team

Credit where credit is due (@PartyPoker)

I work 7 days a week, almost 365 days per year. On top of that, I have an hour’s commute every morning and night. By my calculations, that gives me some 14 hours per week to brush up on my Poker.

On the way to work I tend to read (& re-read!) Poker tutorials, from the likes of Phil Gordon, Doyle Brunson and, more recently, Lee Jones (I know what you are thinking – “who?” – more on this later**), whilst on the way home I try and get my Poker fix.

You may recall when I started this blog I signed up to Paddy Power but their lack of iOS support caused me to look elsewhere and a quick search of the app store led me to the Poker Stars & Party Poker iOS apps. I spent a couple of weeks playing Sit & Go games on Poker Stars but, nearing the end of my commute one evening, I decided to check out the Party Poker app.

As it turns out, Party Poker had credited £10 in completely free chips to my account when I signed-up. I was short of time, so decided to log-in on my way to work the next morning and dive into some action.

The next morning my balance showed £0 so I fired a Tweet to Party Poker, who were quick to respond:

I got side tracked and didn’t get around to contacting Party Poker but within 24 hours they had actually reached out to me! I received an e-mail from Rajnikanth in their Customer Service team who had taken the liberty to check my account and was able to confirm my “10FREEPOKERBONUS” had automatically been credited to my account when I registered with Party Poker – some ten days previously – and had now reached it’s expiry date.

Rajnikanth was even so kind as to re-activate the bonus as a gesture of goodwill. Credit where credit is due; this really was a fantastic gesture from the guys as Party Poker.

As my cash game needs work I jumped onto the micro limit cash tables (Texas Hold’em, obviously) and worked my way up to around £15. I took a couple of back to back bad beats calling pre-flop all-in bets when having my opponents dominated, so left the table before finding myself on tilt.

In the event I blow my remaining £7, I am fairly sure I will be depositing to Party Poker. Aside from the quick response from their Customer Service team, their iOS app is actually very good. In addition to cash tables, you can access sit-and-go tournaments, multi-tables and even freerolls. Not bad Party Poker, not bad at all!

And on that note, I am off to get my Sunday poker fix!

** punctuation Police; I am sorry. I literally have no idea how I should have structured that sentence :-/


The Party Poker twitter team actually took the time to read this “thank-you” post. A nice touch.