How do you deal with bad poker players on-line?

Bad beats or bad players?

After watching Phil Gordon’s Inquisitive Poker seminar I was able to diagnose myself with a case of suititus/suititis (it’s a made up word so I have absolutely no idea how to spell it) and made some instant changes to my game.

With the exception of suited connectors, I placed more value on the rank as opposed to the suit of cards and promptly won a small tournament.

iKingOfHouse - online poker win at Paddy Power Poker

Poker is, of course, a game of circumstances and not fixed rules so this doesn’t mean I laid down every Ace, King, Queen or Jack with a low suited kicker, but I did take more care when calling the pre-flop all in bets that are rife in small stake on-line play.

Having read Phil Gordon’s “Little Green Book” (which is a steal on iTunes for less than a tenner) I have started favouring mid-suited-connectors, especially when faced with pre-flop all in decisions.

I actually called a pre-flop all in against 3 other opponents (who were prone to betting Aces with low kickers) with 7-8 suited and went from the small stack to chip leader in one hand. I took that lead into the final table and the rest… will probably never make it into the history books.

True to form, I went and spunked those winnings but I felt like I took some ridiculously bad beats in doing so. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t take down a pot, no matter how far ahead I was at the time of making the bet, and losing to obscure straight draws, trips and even a straight flush which was nowhere to be seen on the flop!

I have just moved onto Phil Gordon’s follow up book, Poker – The Real Deal, and I am feeling a little better about this situation.

Phil points out that these low stakes games are filled with bad players who will often call big bets “just to see” which of course, often costs them money, but it does mean they will catch the occasional monster hand. He mentions a book by Lee Jones on how to win at low stakes games but I am thinking the better solution might be to go up a notch in search of better places.

This may seem counter-intuitive for a poker novice (i.e. me!) but the idea here  is to find opponents who are attentive enough to know when to lay down a hand.